Samuel AdamsSuccessStory

Samuel Adams SuccessStory

Samuel Adams

After college and graduation, Jim started a hopeful career in administration consulting. Though, he pursued that trail for numerous years, his main focus remained on beer production and so, in 1984, his intuition enlightened him it was time to work on his idea as the people were yearning for something diverse in their beer.

History And Development

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In 1984, the American countryside was immensely diverse from what it is today. The only alternatives for the family beer were pastel lagers from the throng market brewers. To discover a tangy, superior beer, there were merely a handful of options like the Heineken and the Beck's that were considered as the single alternative to eminent beer. Then, in April 1985, while Samuel Adams Boston Lager made its first appearance in about 25 bars and eateries in Boston, the group had no workplace and no distributors.

Jim Koch and his associate, Rhonda Kallman were the only workers. They spent a majority of their time going from tavern to tavern just trying to provide the people with a sample of this different sort of beer and as a result, the beer lodged on quicker than anybody anticipated. By the end of the year the distribution had expanded from Massachusetts to Connecticut, and a place where a striking beer is admired, Germany.

It began to seem as if Jim's intuition was correct, that if you offered people a superior beer, they'd be thirsty for it.


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Now, Samuel Adams is a squad of about 1200 people and the breweries are located in Boston, Cincinnati, and Pennsylvania. In fact, it deals in about 50 different beer preparations that are always altering. Samuel Adams beer is currently available in all 50 regions and more than 20 foreign states. They are proud that their proposed beers have received an acceptance all over the globe. Over the years, their beers have triumphed more than any product in history.


The company has a large assortment of products as follows:

Samuel Adams Boston Lager – Keeping in mind Jim Koch’s great great grandfather’s formula, Samuel Adams continued to employ traditional brewing methods like krausening (a secondary fermentation) and decoction mash (a four vessel process), which helps in bringing all the ingredients in the Samuel Adams Boston Lager together, to form complex flavors.


Samuel Adams Rebel IPA - This beer is prepared with five Americans hops including American Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial.

Sam Adams Light – A lighter version of the Sam Adams Boston Lager, this beer was brought in as a replacement to the Sam Adams Lightship, which was launched in 1993.

Some of the other stunning products include the Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection, Samuel Adams Utopias, Triple Bock, Hard Cider and more.


In July, Samuel Adams, won more awards than any other brewery. Overall, there were a total of 24 awards, which were given to Sam Adams, and two main trophies, for the finest global Lager for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and the preeminent global Ale for Samuel Adams Boston IPA.

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Samuel Adams
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Harry M. Rubin & Lorenzo Lamadrid
Martin F. Roper
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Food & Beverage
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