Famous Quotes from Inspirational Activist Ruby Bridges

Famous Quotes from Inspirational Activist Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was the first African-American child to attend an all-white public elementary school in the American South. He experience in the school, born the seed of activism against racism in her. Ruby went on to work actively in the Civil Rights Movement, and her contribution to society lives on. Many books, paintings and movies have shown the hardships and obstacles she experienced in her initial days.

1. Kids

Kids know Nothing
"Kids know nothing about racism. They're taught that by adults."

2. About Children

My message
"My message is really that racism has no place in the hearts and minds of our children."

3. Racism

Racism is
"Racism is a grown-up disease and we must stop using our children to spread it."

4. Life

Don t Follow
"Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and start a trail"

5. About Life

The only bad thing
"The only bad thing about burning your bridges behind you is that the world is round."

6. Beautiful

It looked like diamonds
"It looked like diamonds, rubies, emeralds; he could think of nothing beautiful which it did not resemble."

There has always been the difference of opinion in every decade of life about the relationships with people from other races. Ruby Bridges was the very first African-American child to go to an all-white public elementary school in the American South. She grew up with the inspiration to stand for all people who suffered indifference and apathy. Ruby Bridges was just one child who was given the chance to start a new life being in a society with varied races.

At the age of 45, she came up with her own foundation called The Ruby Bridges Foundation this foundation encourages and promotes the values of respect, tolerance and appreciation of all dissimilarity”. Her special importance was to eradicate racism from its roots Her quotes have inspired millions of people everywhere. She was also recognised by President Bill Clinton and was awarded her Presidential Citizens Medal in 2001.

Currently, she is strong-minded and still firm on her dream of offering children with an equal chance to prosper and grow. Her books and paintings are truly a motivation for many people. Her movie on educational thing is for all ages. It is recommended for the whole family to watch with discussion afterward. Even at the time of the events present time in which racism is a concern, this movie has an encouraging message, which allows us to know that all people can make it possible to work and live together to make a better world.

She has been fighting and working to alter the lives of African-Americans and give them a free and liberated environment by eradicating the dividing disease called racism, through her foundation which she started in the year 1999, at the age of 45, named The Ruby Bridges Foundation. The foundation “promotes and encourages the values of tolerance, respect, and appreciation of all differences”. Her special emphasis was the removal of racism from its roots which, according to her, is a disease of grown-up people.

Further, she always used to quote that the kids know nothing about racism and the same has no place in the hearts and minds of children. At present, she is still firm and strong-minded on her dream of providing children with equal opportunities to grow and prosper. As a result of all her efforts, on 8th January 2001, the USA President Bill Clinton honoured her with the Presidential Citizens Medal for her undying courage and strength. She is an epitome of strength and courage and had the determination to go where there are no paths and started a new trail of equality.