Famous People From USA

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America, and the climate is mostly temperate. The country does not have any official language, but English is the primary language spoken here, and the variety of English spoken in the United States is known as American English. Spanish is the language spoken by many people in the United States, and they represent around 12 % of the population. Some of the famous people who belong to the United States are George Bush, Barak Obama and many scientists and literature scholars.

George Bush was a popular president of the United States and ruled the country as 43rd President from 2001 to 2009. Obama, on the other hand, is a graduate of the Columbia University who is the 44th president and currently ruling the country. He has also won Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards global peace. By profession lawyer, Mr. Obama is the first Afro-American who has reached to this position.

The place is flooded with immigrants and not only is the country densely populated, their trace their origin of culture to some other culture. Most people who come to the United States know something about the place already through TV or some other source. People do not wait to be introduced and start the conversation.

As an outsider, you will be surprised at the way the American people are not so rude when they interact. Regarding manners, the greetings are small, and a warm handshake or a hello is more than what is needed. A smile is the mantra and introduces each other by their first names. The people are direct, and they expect the others to behave in that manner too. Americans will conduct meetings by telephone whereas in other countries people will wait for a formal face to face meeting. They do not insist on meeting people with whom they do business. They value time a lot and for them time is money.