Roseanne Barr Quotes

Roseanne Barr is the woman who dons many hats when it comes to her career. There is nothing that this woman doesn’t do as far as juggling several careers go.She’s a comedian, TV producer, director, actress and has even been a presidential nominee for 2012 from California’s Peace and Freedom Party.Born in the Salt Lake City, Utah on November 3, 1952, Barr has literally raised the bar for people from her industry when it came to her accomplishments.

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    "The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it."

    Barr has really come a long way from where she had started and surely deserves every bit of the success she’s achieved so far. Having a string of unsteady personal relationships didn’t stop her from chasing her goals and she received critical acclaim and countless awards for her TV shows and movie roles. The lady currently is focused on her political career and has high hopes for the future regarding the same.

    Here are some enthralling quotes from Barr.


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