Marsha Sinetar Quotes

Marsha Sinetar is the founder of Sinetar & Associates, Inc., an organization that customized leadership programs for senior level management of Fortune 500 and multinational companies. Besides this, Marsha has also written numerous business articles and authored over 20 books including children’s books. Some of Marsha’s books have been translated into several foreign languages and made available in numerous countries across the globe.  Marsha’s quotes are extremely popular amongst leading companies across the world.

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    "Change can either challenge or threaten us. Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you"

    Marsha’s sayings and adages are extremely impactful on businessmen and leaders across the globe. Marsha strongly believes that a great leader had the potential to make his followers follow him to the end of the world. She urges people to not be afraid of change and on the contrary take it up as a challenge. Marsha also believes that it is one’s beliefs that pave their way to success and the wrong beliefs can end up blocking one’s path way to success.         


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