Mae Jemison Quotes

The first African American woman astronaut, Mae Jemison was born in 1987. Her life is an inspiration to every woman and person who wants to achieve something big in her life. Her quotations inspire us to work hard and motivate us to never stop till the time we reach our goals. She was a multi Tasker and her hunger for learning was admirable. He has always motivated people around to never limit themselves in any phase of life especially because of others. Her writings show her sheer dedication to learning new things and her ambitious nature. Her whole life is like an inspirational quote as she was always dedicated towards work and always desired to work for the humanity. She was enthusiastic learner and was desperate to learn something new in science. Her quotes related to science and art reflects her personality and her learner side.


"Never limit yourself because of others limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination."

Her life is like a book which teaches us to always work hard to achieve what you desires and never limit your imagination and creativity. Her quotes show her that she has a determination of rock and full confident on her as she had always quoted that she wanted to go to space. She was also an actor and has worked in the TV shows and was admire there also. Her life and quotes show us to be determine about our goals and keep learning whole life. Her quotes inspires us to always keep your mind open and learn something new everyday.

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