Nicolle Wallace Success Story

Nicolle Wallace Success Story

Nicolle Wallace


Nicolle Wallace is an American author, political commentator and co-hosted “The View.”  She served as communications chief during presidency of George W. Bush. She published the novel Eighteen Acres in 2010 following its sequel “It’s Classified”. She plans another series in 2015.


Nicolle was born on 4 February, 1972 in Orange County, California. Her birth name was Nicolle Devenish. Wallace was the eldest in her family and grew up in California. Her mother was a teacher and her father an antiques dealer.

Early career

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Nicolle worked as an on-air reporter briefly before starting her career in California State Politics.  She became the Communications Director for Florida State Technology and worked on Florida election recount. Nicolle has also worked as a political commentator on television programs. Nicolle came into limelight after publicly supporting same-sex marriage.


nicolle wallace in the white house

Nicolle joined the White House staff during the first term of George W. Bush as President. She served as Special Assistant to the President and Director of Media Affairs at the White House. Bush named her the Communications Director in 2005. Nicolle also served as a senior advisor for McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. She was frequently on television as a spokesperson and defender of McCain-Palin campaign.

Her career as an author cannot be ignored. She has authored the best seller, Eighteen Acres, a fictional story. ABC later in 2014 announced that Nicole would join The View as a co-host.  She created an open and communicative rapport with the press pool of White House.

Career highlights

She is known for her works in The View, Hannity and This Week. She is also known for her works as an author and has written some of the best sellers like Eighteen Acres and It’s Classified.

Personal Life

nicolle wallace with her husband mark wallace

She is married to Mark Wallace and is blessed with a beautiful child. She met her husband when she was on the campaign trail.


Nicolle has received Civic Recognition Award for her generosity and compassion towards the improvement of the communities.She is also known for her political commentary on new programs and morning talk shows which include Good Morning America.

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