The Highest Paid Writers in the World

The Highest Paid Writers in the World

The Highest Paid Writers in the World

Some people might argue that given the advent of computers and e-books, people have stopped reading books. But given the amount of money authors are making today, this notion is quickly taking a back seat. It is said that a book is a person’s best friend. These maxims that have been circulated about books and their positive influences on us show that books are read not only for educational purposes but also for recreational purposes.

Books have also been a part of our popular culture as well. With so many films deriving inspiration from the literary counterparts, books are going to have a lasting impression on our generation. The following 10 authors are the ones who have raked in some moolah to become the world’s top earning authors.

1. E.L.James


After penning a success story like the Fifty Shades trilogy, it is but natural that the 50 year old English author would make it to the top of this list. With earnings of $95 million, she enjoys the top spot. The BDSM based novel has been flying off the shelves and has also inspired a movie adaptation. The first book of the trilogy, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is soon going to turn into a movie and is eyeing release on the 1st of August 2014.

2. James Patterson


James Patterson follows E.L. James in the second spot on this list. This 66 year old author has penned the widely successful novel ‘Maximum Ride and Witch and Wizard’. Raking in $91 million dollars for this literary piece, James Patterson, who has already been enjoying this status on best seller lists for the past 37 years is widely known for the creation of the cult series called ‘Cross’. This novel on a character called ‘Alex Cross’ has also been made into a movie named after the titular character.

3. Suzanne Collins


The creator of the hugely successful book and film franchise ‘The Hunger Games’, Suzanne Collins, enjoys the third spot on this list. With earnings of $55 million, she is also famed for ‘The Underland Chronicles’. This 51 year old author is soon going to see the release of the movie adaptations of her nest two instalments of ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy.  Going by the success of the first movie, the next two are sure going to do exceedingly well.

4. Bill O’Reilly


The hugely popular Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly is next entrant on this list. Going by the prolific work he has done in the non-fiction genre, his books titled ‘Killing Lincoln’ and ‘Killing Kennedy’ have helped him to cement his position as an author. With earnings of $28 million, his ardent followers are looking forward to his next titled ‘Killing Jesus’.

5. Danielle Steel


This woman has been a part of the growing up years of any girl’s life. Her first tryst with literature would have begun with the sentimental novels of Steel like, ‘Zoya’, ‘Mixed Blessings’, ‘Full Circle’, ‘Daddy’, and many more. Over the years these have become bestsellers, and have helped Danielle Steel to sell more than 600 million copies. The 66 year old author currently enjoys the fifth position on this list with earnings of $26 million.

6. Jeff Kinney


Authors Jeff Kinney and Janet Evanovich are tied at the sixth position on this list. The 42 year old Jeff Kinney is known hugely for his bestseller series ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. 

7. Janet Evanovich


The 70 year old Janet Evanovich is best known for her series titled ‘Stephanie Plum’. Both earned $24 million in the past year to put them together on this list.

8. Nora Roberts


This 62 year author follows the contenders of the sixth position, Jeff Kinney and Janet Evanovich, closely with earnings of $23 million. Known for her ‘In Death’ series, this e-book writer is greatly sort after because of the genre in which she writes.

9. Dan Brown


Post ‘The Da Vinci Code’, there is not a soul in the literary world who has not read or heard about Dan Brown. While churning out bestsellers based on the titular character of Professor Robert Langdon, Dan Brown’s immensely successful novels have often invoked the ire of the church as well. But that has not stopped the author from earning $22 million and coming in at the eighth position on this list.

10. Stephen King


The ninth position is taken up by two authors Stephen King and Dean Koontz. The literal king of the creepers, Stephen King has earned a decent $20 million thanks to his bestsellers, ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘The Shining’. 

11. Dean Koontz


Tying with him at this spot is author, Dean Koontz. The 68 year old has also earned $20 million in the past year, for his bestsellers, ‘Demon Seed’, ‘Watchers’ etc.

12. John Grisham


The lawyer turned author, John Grisham, concludes the list of the 10 highest earning authors. Earning $18 million, John Grisham has enjoyed celebrity status since the time his novels were adapted for the big screen. Known for his impeccable knowledge of law, Grisham’s bestseller ‘The Racketeer’ has helped to cement his position among authors of repute.

Writing is probably one profession where the glass ceiling does not exist. If you take a close look at the list, it becomes clear that authors of any gender and descent can appeal to your psyche. Read away, to immerse yourself in their worlds.