Paula Hawkins Success Story

Paula Hawkins Success Story

Paula Hawkins


Paula Hawkins is an author of British origin. Paula Hawkins’s thriller “The Girl on the Train” was released in 2015. It topped the UK bestseller list and did even better in America. The book will be adapted to a Hollywood film.


Paula Hawkins was born on August 26, 1972 in Salisbury, Rhodesia. Her father was a financial journalist and an economics professor. Paula shifted to London at the age of 17. She has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the Oxford University.

Early Career


Paula Hawkins started her writing career as a journalist in The Times. She did business reporting for 15 long years. Paula did freelance writing for several publications. She wrote ‘The Money Goddess’, a book dwelling on financial information and suggestions for women.

Hawkins’ embarked upon her literary career writing romantic comedy. She wrote as Amy Silver. Paula has written the novel, ‘Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista’, which was released in 2009. It did considerably good business. Paula wrote three sequels to the novel.


the girl on the train paula hawkins

Paula Hawkins hit big times with her novel, “The Girl on the Train”. The book topped the bestseller chart for 2015 in the UK and did equally well in America. Paula attained commercial success and critical acclaim with her novel. “The Girl on the Train” has touched the dark side of life, dwelling upon themes of drug abuse, alcohol and domestic violence. The plot of the novel was inspired by Paula’s own experience of commuting by train to work and back.

Personal Life

Paula Hawkins lives in South London. Her favourite authors are Pat Barker and Kate Atkinson.


Paula Hawkins won the ‘Glamour Award for Writer 2015 and ‘Goodreads Choice Awards Mystery and Thriller’ 2015 for her novel ‘The Girl on the Train’. It is no mean feat that Hollywood is adapting the novel into a film even before it reached the book stands.


Glamour, Goodreads Choice

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