Tipper Gore Success Story

Tipper Gore Success Story

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore


Tipper Gore a social issues advocate, author and photographer.


Tipper Gore With Hillary Clinton

She was the second lady of the U.S and the wife of Al Gore.


Tipper was born on August 19, 1948 in Washington D.C. She was raised in Arlington, Virginia by her grandmother and mother, after the divorce of her parents.

Gore studied in an Alexandria, Virginia based private school – St. Agnes. She played field hockey, softball, and basketball. She graduated in B.A. in psychology from the Boston University in the year 1970. She obtained a postgraduate degree in psychology in 1975 from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. After working as a part-time photographer for the newspaper - The Nashville Tennessean, she continued to work as a freelance photographer when her husband was elected to the Congress in 1976.



Tipper played a vital role in her husband’s campaign for the House of Representatives in the U.S. from Tennessee in the year 1976. She established the Congressional Wives Task Force to write on social issues. She started working for the homeless in the year 1984. Tipper established a group, Families for the Homeless towards this end. She was very involved in her husband’s presidential campaign in 1988.

Tipper established a Parents Music Resource Center along with Susan Baker,spouse of James Baker, United States Secretary of the Treasury. The main aim of the center was to increase awareness about music among parents and consumers. She played a vital role to help ensure availability of appropriate age related music content to the young listeners


Tipper established the Tennessee Voices for Children in 1990 to promote youth services for substance abuse and mental health. She worked as a mental health advisor to the president. She was very committed towards ensuring affordable mental health care. Tipper hosted the conference on Mental Health at the White House in the year 1999. She also inaugurated the National Mental Awareness Programme in 1999 to encourage the American people to undergo mental illness treatment.

Tipper was a national spokesperson for Back to Sleep Awareness Campaign. After the onset of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras in the year 1998, she visited the site and ensured medical supplies.  

Personal Life


Tipper is married to Al Gore. The couple is blessed with four children - Karenna Aitcheson, Kristin Carlson, Sarah LaFon, Maiani and Albert Gore III.

Tipper Gore Visits Paducah

Full Name :
Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore
Born :
19th-Aug -1948
Birth Place :
Education :
Harvard University Massachusetts,
Boston University Massachusetts,
Peabody College Tennessee
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 2 million

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