Famous People Born in 1948

Chinese astrology associates each year with an animal and all the people born in that year are believed to possess the characteristic attributes of that particular animal in their personalities. 1948 is regarded as the year of the rat in this astrological system and the people born in this year are hard working and industrious like the rat. They look for nothing less than perfection and strive to achieve it when they have their eyes set on a goal. This sometimes makes them tough to work with. This positive attitude also makes them successful in the financial front and they make sure that their loved ones and families are well provided for.Here are some famous people born in the year 1948:

People born in the year 1948 have commendable organizational skills and energy levels and it is seldom that a rat personality is spotted doing nothing. In fact, these people are always busy in productive pursuits. They are extremely loyal and inspire others to be the same. These people are caring and loving in nature, and will never be found to betray their loved ones. Honesty is another inborn quality possessed by these individuals.

Speaking on the career aspect, people born in 1948 get success in the fields of politics and business. Sometimes their behavior marks them as opportunists as they have the ability to make sure that their goals are fulfilled, even if it means that they have to get it out from others. These people have an affinity towards gossiping and tend to churn out juicy stories.