Famous People Born in 1979

Astrology emphasizes a great deal on the birth year of people and the personality and behavior of an individual is influenced by the year of birth to a considerable extent. Each year is associated with an animal in the Chinese astrological system and the personality of the person resembles that of the animal. Here are some famous people born in the year 1979:

1979 is the year of the sheep and people who are born in this year are charming and sensitive like this animal. They possess an inherent sweetness and this is the reason why their friends and loved ones feel the need to protect them. They are usually well mannered but sometimes tend to speak wrong, which makes them impractical.

People born in the year 1979 have deep attachment with their home and family members and love to stay in familiar surroundings rather than unknown territory. They are born dreamers and have deep interest in religion, occult and astrology. Their love for beautiful things makes them seek for the best in looks, a quality that can make them too concerned with appearances. At work, they are not too ambitious but put in their best efforts when they find something they are passionate about. The careers which suit their personalities are those in the fields of art, acting, interior design and teaching small children.

On the negative side, the 1979 born people can be insecure and deeply anxious in their day to day living. They can be timid in building relationships because they are wary of being hurt. Though slow at building bonds, they become great companions once they are able to build trust in others.