Kim Kardashian: HollywoodSuccessStory

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood SuccessStory

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Who doesn’t know the hot and sizzling Kim Kardashian?Come 2007 and she has been regularly mesmerizing people with her hot and sexy looks. In 2014 and 2015, Kim was declared to be one of the most desired women in the world.Cashing her looks is one gaming company who believes in success with beauty. Glu provides you an opportunity to design your own model using the accessories that Kim uses in her daily life.

Create your own star and customize the look of the model with hundreds of style options, including Kardashian’s personal beauty kits. Rule the red carpet with your own designed model in the game as an A- list actor, cover model, fashion designer and much more. Hangout with your fans in the game and leverage yourself with the quality time, just like the life of Kim Kardashian. Now, that is one heck of a strategy for targeting the virtual game livers.

Glu’s trending Kim Kardashian game was released in the month of June in 2014 for both iOS and Android. The game supports the free to play model and you have to pay to use accessories later in the game. The game Kim Kardashian-Hollywood was the huge success, generating around $1.6 million dollars in the first five days of its release. Later in the year it was declared as the fifth highest-earning game in the Apple’s app store.The developers at Glu have done an awesome job with the graphics and flow of the game. Game runs smoothly on any smartphone.  Resolution of the graphics are the best of the time.

With the inception of this game on Facebook, popularity as increased multi fold, with millions of people are following and playing the game online and creating a lot of buzz. The game enables the user the Facebook friends and help each other rise to fame, compare styles, send gifts and see who can be the biggest star.It is a high end immersive tablet game too. People using tablets can play this game in higher and better resolution.This competitive world developer works 24 by 7 to improve the gaming experience throughout the world. Kim Kardashian rules, whatever be the medium!!

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