Famous Founders

A Founder is somebody who comes up with business concepts & then starts and runs a business or organization. A Founder is also called an entrepreneur. He or she develops a business plan, obtains financing and hires employees necessary to run the business. The Founder starts with a good idea for a new business. Founders are not the regular office going guys, they are tough on mental strength & can go to any extent to make their concept realize into a business. The business may however fail to take off or may be a huge success.Here are some of the top Founders across the globe who have contributed their bit to the world of business :

Founders are the people who loves to play with fire & are huge risk takers. Knowing the uncertainty they don’t step back & dare to think about his own venture. While they can easily fetch a job or continue with their current job, they feel the freedom of doing something of their own, which in turn will help solving the consumer problem & create employments for hundreds outside. 

Founders should also possess the basic understanding of the business into which they aim to enter & also have the basic skills of running a business. It’s just not only about starting the business by using his networks but also scaling it up & growing to new heights. Hence, he should be able to identify the right talent & resource pool to aid him in achieving new highs. Failed Founders are also a charged up lot who doesn’t take a backseat after a failure but keep trying until they succeed. They have the zeal of a fighter within them.