Lynda Carter Story

Lynda Carter Story

Linda Jean Cordova Carter


Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is a multi-talented American personality. She is a singer, actress, and a songwriter. Carter also holds a beauty pageant title as she was crowned Miss World America in 1973 which opened the gates of opportunities for her from Hollywood. The role of Wonder Woman in TV series from 1975 to 1979 made her extremely famous and established her as a great actress.


lynda carter childhood

Lynda Carter was born on 24 July 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona to Juanita and Colby Carter. Carter displayed her talent from a very young age. She made her first public debut when she was 5, on a television show called Lew King’s Talent Show. Carter learned classical dance and drama in her childhood and continued learning till she stepped into teens.

Early Life

lynda carter young

Carter was a performer from a young age. In her high school, she performed in a band. Later, she went to Arizona State University to study further. During the talent election in her university, she was being voted ‘Most Talented” for her outstanding performance in singing. She wanted to pursue her career in music and hence dropped out of university after a year to follow her dream. She traveled around the country performing with her school band.

She returned to her home in 1972 to venture into another talent. She tried the modelling career and entered into local beauty contest. She won the Arizona beauty contest and gained the confidence to go for bigger titles. She then went on to win Miss World USA. She started taking acting classes as well.

lynda carter early life

After her glorious victory at the beauty pageant, she started getting offers from Hollywood. She made her acting debut in 1974 by playing a role in one episode of ‘Roots of Anger’ which was a police drama. Later on, she acted in shows like Cos, Starsky and Hutch, and in some ‘B’ movies.


lynda carter wonder woman

Carter got her big career break in the form of Wonder Woman which she played for TV series. It was liked and appreciated by millions. This role proved her acting abilities and she started getting better offers from then on. Even today, she is mostly identified as the Wonder Woman. The series ran successfully for three seasons after which it was canceled.

Though Carter got fame from Wonder Woman, she was upset with the truth of Hollywood where her mask was used on Wonder Woman dolls with her name. Later, they removed her name but she wasn’t paid anything for the use of her name during the release of the first lot of dolls.

lynda carter singing

Carter kept her music alive while acting. She sang two songs for Wonder Woman episode in 1979. Carter also recorded and released her album called Portrait. She also co-wrote many songs and made guest appearances on TV for musical shows.

Later, she was chosen for the title role in the biopic of actress Rita Hayworth. After this role, she got an equally strong role as the Wonder Woman in TV series of the crime drama called Partners in Crime. She also kept bringing many of her own musical shows on TV like Encore, Celebration, Street Life, and a lot more.

Personal Life

lynda carter family

Carter’s first marriage with Ron Samuels ended in five years. She then married Robert A. Altman who is an attorney in Washington DC. She and Robert have two children.

Carter endorses herself as a feminist.


lynda carter achievements

Carter’s most significant award has been the beauty pageant title ‘Miss World USA’. She may not have received obvious awards in categories of acting or singing but her talent earned her a lot of fame and never ending assignments.

Full Name :
Linda Jean Cordova Carter
Born :
24th-Jul -1951
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
Arizona State University
Occupation :
Actress , Singer
Industry :
Networth :
$10 million

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