Famous People with Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac and is a fire sign. Represented by the Lion, the sign covers all the individuals born between 23rd July and 22nd August. Ambition, independence and loyalty are the key qualities you would find in a Leo individual. These people have a magnetic personality and they exude confidence. Like the lion, people born under this zodiac sign are royal and refined in their personality, though it can also make them overbearing at times.Here are some of the most famous people born under the zodiac sign Leo:

Since the zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, these people are warm and caring, always willing to extend a hand to those in need. Motivation and intelligence are the qualities they are born with and these qualities bring success to them naturally. They desire to grab attention wherever they go and make the center of attraction at social gatherings. People born under the zodiac sign Leo are extroverts and have an outgoing personality. At work, they are ambitious and give their best.

On the negative side, Leo personalities can be domineering and arrogant. They are always under a firm belief that they are only right in all situations while others are always wrong. Their ego can be their biggest weakness and it can actually make them vain. They cannot handle criticism in the right spirit and it actually hurts their ego. At the same time, it is their go-getter attitude which makes them shine in all situations.