Darwin Deason Success Story

Darwin Deason Success Story

Darwin Deason


Darwin Deason is one of the most internationally reputed American business tycoon & a political donor. At present, he acts as the Founder of Xerox Business Services, LLC. In the past, Deason has been the CEO of Affiliated Computer Services from 1988 till 1999. He has also been the chairman of Precept Investors. Deason donated $250,000 for Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy in 2012 and $5 million in the support of Perry’s presidential candidacy for 2016.


Darwin Deason was born in the year 1940 in Arkansas. He had a struggling childhood as a farm boy and he left his small town post high school.

Early Career

After he left Arkansas with just 50 USD & a Pontiac 1949, Deason reached Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was the big city with bright lights for the teen small-town farm boy. In Tulsa, he joined Gulf Oil. Later on, he left Gulf Oil for MTech, a data-processing firm in Dallas.


The very ambitious and hard working Darwin became the CEO of MTech at the mere age of 29. However, he sold the company in the year 1988. After a while, he founded Affiliated Computer Services that year only. ACS handled computer & other business processing services for eminent clients such as E-ZPass.

It became one among the first companies ever to outsource the official work abroad, outside the US. In 1994, the firm went public. Deason took retirement from the post of ACS CEO in the year 1999 but he went on holding the post of chairperson.

In the year 2007, Mr. Deason tried to purchase control of Affiliated Computer Services with the assistance of Cerberus Capital Management. However, the deal turned out to be a futile attempt. A couple of years after, Deason negotiated a contract to sell Affiliated Computer Services to Xerox. Although he initially had some issues with shareholders yet the sale successfully went through the next year. ACS was sold to Xerox Business Services for 6.4 billion USD.

Career Highlights


Deason landed up on a successful career before he reached to his 30s. However, if one is looking to know the most important highlight of his career, it’s surely his stature as the CEO of MTech.


Deason has achieved a remarkably successful career. He is recognized as one of the top billionaires (#1250) by Forbes.

Personal Life

Darwin Deason has been married 5 times. His 5th wife, Katerina, is 27 years younger to him. These days, the couple spends their time across San Diego, Dallas & their marvelous 205-ft yacht “Apogee” Deason is the father of 3 children.

Though Deason was born as a farm boy in a small town of Arkansas yet he always had this dream in him to make it big in the world. As a teen, he didn’t even have a dollar to indulge in movies but he chose not to bow down to adversity – and strode with confidence towards a phenomenal future. Deason’s rise from a humble background to Apogee will serve as a great inspiration for all the struggling entrepreneurs around.

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