Evan Sharp Story

Evan Sharp Story

Evan Sharp

Evan Sharp is an Internet entrepreneur based in America. He is most popular for being the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Pinterest. Evan was an architecture student when he started Pinterest as a side project along with two more friends in 2009. Today, it is one of the biggest social networks over the Internet, only after Twitter and Facebook.

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The site is now present in 22 different languages, and houses over 20 billion ‘pins’ generated by real users.


Sharp was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His father had a Macintosh, and he was an enthusiastic hobbyist for computers. During childhood, Evan spent a lot of time playing with his father’s Mac IIci. He also used to play with LEGOs which added to his creative instincts. Starting from setting icons for programs like MS Word, he went on to skin MP3 players. This is where he received his designing skills. He received graduate degree in History from University of Chicago, and then joined Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation to study architecture.

Early Career

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While studying architecture, Evan met Ben Silbermann who would later become the CEO of Pinterest. Back then, he designed Pinterest to bookmark his history architecture images. Then he joined FaceBook as a product designer, and then joined Paul Sciarra and Silbermann to focus full-time on Pinterest. Here, Evan is responsible for coding and designing the site, and overseeing its design efforts.

Career Highlights


Today, Sharp’s Pinterest has become one of the most popular visual bookmarking sites across the globe. It is now valued at around $11 billion. In 2015, it raised $550 million from its investors. It has 100 million active users per month. Recently, it also launched a ‘Buy’ button, through which users can quickly order ingredients, furniture or clothing in just a few clicks, that too without the need to leave the app. Sharp is also continuing to generate revenue through promoted pins, its native form of advertising. Its first desktop version was launched by the co-founders in 2010.


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Evan Sharp is popular not only for his high technical skills and designing techniques, but his great looks and blue eyes as well. He has a pleasing personality that keeps others bounded to him. People like listening to him, and he is a good speaker indeed.

Awards and Achievements

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Evan’s Pinterest is one of the most popular websites over the Internet, only dwarfed by Facebook and Twitter. He has been counted among the richest entrepreneurs in America under 40.

Personal Life

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In 2014, Evan married Christina McBride, whom he met in college. The couple loves to travel, and they are happily living in their home in San Francisco, CA.

Evan Sharp is a dynamic personality, but likes to keep a low profile. His actions speak for him.

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