Famous People Born in Arkansas

Arkansas is a fascinating state in the US which is blessed with natural beauty in abundance. It is situated between Missouri, Mississippi river, Louisiana and Texas. This beautiful state nestles a lot of mountains, river valleys and lakes in its lap and gives an exotic look to this place. In addition to these alluring natural landscapes, there is man made lakes also in this place which adds beauty to this place. There is a Hot springs national park is created by the US to preserve the medicinal value of the springs which flow the Hot Springs mountains.

It is the 29th biggest and 33rd most populous state in the US. It has a population close to 3,000,000 according to the latest census study on July 1st, 2015. The per capita income of Arkansas is reported to be 34700 dollars. It is a friendly state because of the fact that the cost of living is fifth lowest among the 50 US states. Moreover, the cost of running a business is also considerably lower here.

The publicity and the presence of Walmart in almost all countries across the globe made this state famous because it caters to almost every need of the people worldwide. It is the native land of Walmart heiress Alice Walton. She is 13th in the list of world's richest persons. This state has witnessed the growth of many young politicians like Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee. John Grisham-the renowned lawyer cum writer is born in Arkansas. He has captured the hearts of millions with his legal thrillers.

Other successful people in this state are Jim Walton, Lawrence Philps and Jim Walton.