Most Luxurious Birthing Suites

Most Luxurious Birthing Suites

Most Luxurious Birthing Suites

Parents think of a special place for the special moment, the birth of their child. They want what is best available for their newborn. So it’s natural that they will choose the best of childcare services. Nowadays newborns can be given birth in a royal manner.

These suites include medical services with deluxe accommodations which give the luxury of a five star hotel.  With the right amount of money a new born can be delivered like an A-listed star or a superstar in a posh place. All the help needed is available at the push of a button.

1) Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre


It is one of the favorite for Hollywood A-Listers. It is recognized as the world’s most luxurious hospital.The guests get a royal treatment with two-three bedroom suites, accommodating a bathtub, plush furnishings and even an assistant. An iconic view of the Hollywood Hills is also available. One can give birth to a newborn in a royal manner.

2) Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong


Here booking a room costs $20,000 in advance. Guests here receive a full stocked refrigerator, cable TV, Wi-Fi, a personal doctor and a breathtaking view of the South China Sea making it an experience of a lifetime for delivering newborn.

3) Mount Sinai Hospital, New York


This hospital has extravagant views of the Central Park and Manhattan; they offer multi room birthing suites with spa treatment facilities. The price tag is an eye popping $4000 per day.

4) Rose Medical Center, Denver


They have the state of the art technology, monitoring and handling reports with the help of Smartphone’s giving a futuristic feel. It offers Jacuzzis, rocking chairs, private chefs; offering services not less than a five star hotel

5) Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok


6) Clinique Des Grangettes, Switzerland


7) Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore


8) Lenox Hill Hospital, New York


9) Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles


10) Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney


These hospitals offer five star facilities to women who want to shell out for the delivery of their newborn in a royal manner. From luxury rooms to breathtaking views of Hollywood Hills and Swiss Alps. Hospitals are offering these services to make the women and their newborns feel special or like a celebrity.