Luxury Boutique Hotels in England

Luxury Boutique Hotels in England

Luxury Boutique Hotels in England

The land of the kings, United Kingdom is still one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its rich culture and heritage which is still seen through its architecture, green terrains, castles and the Royal Family. England is well known for its Royal heritage due to the Kings who have ruled this land from past times which gives the place an aura that it feels like you are in a luxury royal country.

Due to its unprecedented history the castles are now converted into luxury palace hotels which are a treat for travellers across the world.

1. Abode Chester, Chester


Abode Chester is located a block away from the River Dee overlooking the Chester Racecourse. The 84 rooms here are stylish contemporary rooms. Many of the rooms give a stunning panoramic view of Chester up to the Welsh Hills. The hotel offers a Fine Dining & Champagne Bar with panoramic views of Chester.

2. Beaumont House, Cheltenham


The Beaumont House was built in 1850 as a private home, till in 1980 the Tilley family ran a large muffin bakery in the town and was later converted into a guest house. From then it has gone some extensive renovation, now known to be one of the best luxury boutique hotels in England.

3. Feversham Arms Hotel, Yorkshire


It was built as a coaching inn in 1855 later to be converted in a Country House Hotel. The management considers it to be a luxury hideaway to help their guests retreat and relax. Rooms are refined with designer toiletries with Poolside Suite.

4. The Cheltenham Townhouse, Cheltenham


The Cheltenham Hotel is considered to be the most luxurious boutique hotels in the country. With 21 Bedrooms and 5 Studio apartments. The rooms feature private bathrooms and desks plus free parking and 2 bikes to ride for the guests on hire.

5. The Arden Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon


6. Bannatyne Hotel, Darlington


7. Oddfellows, Chester


8. Hotel du Vin, Cheltenham


9. Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool


10.  Lodore Falls Hotel, Borrowdale


These luxury boutique hotels or luxury hideaways provide their guests with the best English brunches and elegant facilitiesso that they can enjoy the rich history of some these places which have secrets and history hidden with them even after standing for centuries. Some places have been extensively renovated to give their guests modern as well as historic feel while living there.