Beat the Blah’s this Winter with these 5 Killer Ideas

Beat the Blah’s this Winter with these 5 Killer Ideas

Beat the Blah’s this Winter with these 5 Killer Ideas

The question isn’t do you struggle with the Winter Blues, the question is, how often and what are you doing about it? Even the blah’s can steal your joy so it’s important that you learn to manage them correctly.


How do you do it? Here are five killer ways to chase away the blues and put the step back in your crawl:

1. Notice


We can’t change what we don’t notice so the first step in deflating the blah’s is to notice when your mood is starting to tank and ask yourself why. It could be stress, kids, work, or a variety of circumstances, but in order to effect change you have to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Start by assessing the triggers that get you down. Maybe you notice that when you get sick during the winter you see a nose-dive in your mood. If you know that, have a list of relaxing thing to do while you’re laid up. Maybe watch a favorite movie, read a good book, or relax in a hot bath. Remember, it’s not always the big things that ramp up a blah mood, but a combination of small things gets the job done.

2. Decide


Once you’ve nailed down the cause of your blah mood, you have a choice as to how you’re going to respond to it. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can empower yourself by deciding to hit the reset button. Ask yourself is feeling blah how you want to feel? Will it help you achieve your goals, solve your problems or meet your needs? If not, chose something different!

3. Commit


Once you decide to tackle the blah’s you need to commit to doing some things that will elevate your mood. That means you need a list of ideas. Maybe there are things in the past that really helped you when you felt a little out of sorts; so make a list of what’s worked in the past. You also need to come up with some fresh ideas.

4. Exercise


Working out creates endorphins those happy chemicals which when released in our brain elevate our mood. If you’re not exercising currently start slow but get moving. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Maybe do a yoga class or get outdoors and take a walk. The important thing is to find out what will work for you and stick with it.

5. Practice Gratitude

practice gratitude

When we’re feeling down we’re generally focusing on ourselves and on the negative things in our lives. Try writing down 3 things each day you can be grateful for in the moment. It might be simple things like having a family, your health and well-being, your favorite meal, the sounds of the day, an opportunity to meditate, free time, a good friend. Think simple yet meaningful.

When we feel down we tend to isolate ourselves. No Bueno! Get out there, call a friend, go for coffee or write a note of encouragement to someone. Connecting is the best way to lift your mood. We were made for relationships so don’t let this one slide. If your winter blues last more than a couple weeks, seek help. Talk to a therapist or doctor. Don’t go it alone. There may be some underlying issues that you haven’t addressed and now is the time. New year. New life.