Thoreau Quotes

Henry David Thoreau, a distinguished American writer and philosopher, was amazing personality. The excerpts and quotes from his work and speeches showcases how great a person was he. The basic goodness of his nature was made him an inspiration that millions of people look forward to today. His ideas and thoughts had a hidden power in them.

He always inspired people to learn the art of reawakening by an unbounded expectation of the dawn that doesn’t forsake them even in their soundest sleep. Henry David Thoreau quotes civil disobedience and other quotes showcase his ideology that only the conscious endeavour and unquestionable ability of a person could lead him to success.

Henry David Thoreau inspirational quotes have always guided people to live a peaceful and not waste it in living hastily. According to him when individuals live a wise and unhurried life, they perceive only worthy and great things that have absolute and permanent existence. Following even a single thing of such a great personality is a thing of pleasure in itself.

An excerpt from one of his writings says that if night and day are always greeted with joy, life emits a fragrance like that of sweet-scented herbs and flowers, and that keeps one positive always and paves his/her to success. In his sayings Thoreau mentioned that the real harvest of people’s life is somewhat as indescribable and intangible as the evening or morning tints. One should always consider himself/herself blessed. Thoreau quotes are an inspiration that help, guide people to lead a better life.

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