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Thomas Edison was not only an investor but also an inspiration for many. There a number of inspirational stories about Edison those encourage people to make something great out of their life. Once Edison returned home and handed a piece of paper to his mother, saying that his teacher asked him to hand it over only to his mother. As his mother read the letter, her eyes were full of tears. The letter read, “Your son is so genius that the school is far too small to make the best out of him as it doesn’t has good teachers that can groom him to the best the best of his calibre. Please teach on your own.”

1. Hard Work

"There is no substitute for hard work"

2. Work

"There's a way to do it better - find it"

The credit for Edison’s success as an investor goes to his mother. After many years, when his mother expired died he came across saw a folded paper in a desk. On the paper was written- Your child is mentally ill, we can’t let him continue studying at our school. On reading this, Edison wrote in his diary that he was a mentally ill child that became the genius by a hero mother. Thomas Edison facts showcase that he always focused on not giving away your dreams. He was inspired people to work upon their lacunae and reach the height of greatness.

According to him, every one born on this earth can make a change if he/she strives hard to his/her their goal. We should always keep ourselves pushing toward working hard and harder, and do what it takes to achieve success. Thomas Edison biography is a must read for everyone. The power of words of Edison is so great that it can inspire even the weakest.

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