Samuel Goldwyn Quotes

Samuel Goldwyn Quotes

Samuel Goldwyn quotes are exemplary and he believes in hard work and inspires us to work hard to achieve our goals. The quotes really motivate us to be dedicated and always work hard. He was a great Hollywood producer and produced some of the best movies.


A bachelor s life
"A bachelor's life is no life for a single man "

It is said people write based on their life so Mr. Goldwyn wrote quotes inspired by his life and teaches us to be determined and never lost the hope. At very early age he left his home and moved to New York and step by step with his hard work and dedication he reached the top position.

He was a truthful person and this is quite evident in his quotes, he always wanted people to say the truth without any fear and inspires us to do the same. He motivates us to be fearless and always want us to be fight for our goals and achievements. His quotes show that he was a very happy person and inspires us to give happiness to other also.

He was awarded Oscar in 1946 but he never worked for the awards, he worked for his passion and this is evident from his inspiring quotes in which he quoted that one should work to achieve their love and passion while awards along with recognition and success will follow hence forth. He was philanthropist who always wanted to spread happiness around. He believed that happiness would always follow happiness, so stay happy.