Famous Producers

Film Producers hold a key portfolio in the entire film industry. They are either employed by a production company or independent. Producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing. At times, main producer will appoint executive producers, line producers or unit production managers who represent the main producer's interests. However, producer has his last say on whether sounds or music have to be changed or scenes have to be cut and they are in charge of selling the film or arranging distribution rights. The producer's role can vary significantly from project to project and based on the circumstances and financing.Some of the notable Producers from the world of entertainment are as follows:

Producers are highly responsible person handling multiple things at one go. Starting from the films rights, pre & post production everything happens under his supervision. He is also well connected person in the industry, who is connected to Financer, Scriptwriter, music director, Directors, casting managers, Editors etc. Since, he has to supervise and manage all these, he should be a great manager with good authority. His knowledge of the entire industry will also help him to solve complex problems that may come his way while filming a movie. Even if the shooting has officially been finished, the producers can still demand that additional scenes be filmed – that’s the power of a Producer.