seneca Quotes

seneca Quotes

Seneca- better known as Seneca the younger is a Roman philosopher and statesman who lived during the ancient philosophical era. He was a philosopher and guide to king Nero. He is believed to be born during AD5 and to have died in AD 65. He was born in Spain and raised in Rome. During the initial years king Nero paid attention to and obeyed Seneca. But he later ordered him to commit suicide owing to an alleged conspiracy against king Nero. The main charge against him was that he tried to kill the king.


every new begining
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end "

We should never brag about what we have done to others. But have to speak about the help others have done to us. We always have to be polite and down to earth to be acknowledged and loved by others. To be happy in life is something simple. Enjoy every moment in life without thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Take life the way it comes. Don't get drowned in the ocean of sorrows. Reshape your destiny by working the way you want things to happen.

It is very true that we die every moment, thinking of the things which are going to happen in the future. The thought that we might get hurt kills more than what actually happens. It is similar to living a life in the thought (fright) that we are going to die tomorrow. We are always worried about our own future. In that process, we forget to live our life. It is evident that this approach towards life is time immemorial from the quote of Seneca. There are many other meaningful things said by Seneca.