Famous People Born in New York

New York is popularly known as the wonder city. This is due to its features of the irresistible enchantment it has offered to the world. The world famous icon for this city is The Statue of Liberty. This city is the home of the glitz and glamour. Numerous famous celebrities were born here which made everyone see the world with their eyes. It is excelling thing about New York that it has varied stars within it.

There are numerous people born here who made history and became legends in their particular field of passion such as Mark Zuckerberg who made the whole world come together and have connections by his incredible invention Facebook, Extremely passionate actor Tom Cruise, the legend himself Sylvester Stallone, the famous rapper Sean Combs, excelling entrepreneur John Davison, the world famous programmer Larry Ellison, Commonly known as Iron Man i.e. Robert Downey Jr., actress Lucille Ball, famous singer Lady Gaga and many more.

Apart from the glamour, New York has provided the world with numerous opportunities in the fields of finance, business and even in commerce as well as communication. The biggest stock exchange in the entire world is the New York Stock Exchange. The host of the New York Stock Exchange is New York. This is the reason due to which it is the main centre for the numerous huge multinational corporations. The offices and centres of them are all located here. This city is even the hub for varied fashion destinations as well.