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After Shakespeare, perhaps the most famous playwright to originate from the western world is Jean-Baptiste Poquelin or betterknown by his stage nameof Moliere. The Frenchman was truly a master of words and achieved great success for the same. Born into a bourgeois French family, Moliere lost his mother at the tender age of 10 and was not very close to his father.

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    "The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it"

    The man immersed himself in his craft and chose to pursue his dreams by taking up the road less traveled. He abandoned a chance to have an easy and well paid career in the office, for the one on stage, against his father’s wishes. Showing this rebellious streak at 21, Moliere penned down some of the most crucial works of literature. Defying the traditionalists in their faces, he was the first to pioneer the art,and state, that conforming is a poison which kills creativity.

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