Daniel Goleman Quotes

Daniel Goleman is a famous science journalist, psychologist and author. Daniel wrote pieces on brain sciences and psychology for the New York Times for twelve years. Daniel has authored over ten books on leadership, psychology, crisis, science, education and ecological crisis. Daniel has also authored the New York Time’s Best Seller, Emotional Intelligence. Goleman’s works encourage readers, follower and fans to be more environmentally conscious and make sincere efforts to use as well as manufacture and produce more eco-friendly good and products.

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    "For the high achievers, studying gave them the pleasing, absorbing challenge of flow percent of the hours they spent at it"

    Besides this Daniel also urges his readers to be more emotionally tuned in and self aware, to manage their distressing emotions appropriately if they wish to have effective, empathetic and healthy relationships. Daniel also strongly believes that everyone should live a passionate and focused life and that mindlessness is an absolute and utter waste of time. Daniel is extremely famous for his environmental awareness and emotional intelligence quotes.

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