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Inspiration is everywhere around us, with nature playing the biggest role. Excellence in sports is not that mountain that anyone can conquer. It needs inner-skills along with many other qualities like years of dedication, hard work, perseveranceand so on. Winning and losing is part of any game andthat is why eminent sportsperson are often capable to gift us with gems of inspirational quotes, which is enough to motivate even the weaker minds among us.

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    "We wanted to be achievers but being an achievers did not mean that you stopped being a woman"

    Peggy Fleming, a former Olympic winner and gold medalist, is no different from other famous sports personalities who have inspired the world with courage and determination. She excelled in a challenging sport like Ice Skating, and won fame for her nation. Later in life,Peggy battled and conquered a deadly disease like cancer, which is just one of the many examples of her undying courage and will power and instead of taking a backseat she chose to become a cancer activist, to enlighten and help others.

    Some awesome and inspiring Peggy Fleming quotes for you. 


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