Leo Tolstoy Quotes

Leo Tolstoy Quotes

For everyone, the word ‘success’ is different and getting this is the ultimate goal of life. It is every now and then when people get motivated, then one can reach their goal. All this can be done by just getting tuned to Leo Tolstoy proverbs. He has a very sharp insight and believe in all the teachings of Jesus. This legendary writer has won many acclaims for his novels, trilogy and many other philosophical essays.


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"If you want to be happy, be"

The famous Leo Tolstoy quotes on life, war and peace, love are heard in our day to day life in the magazines, newspapers and everywhere. He also worked as an advocate and used the same economics and things he came across in his writings which are popularly known as Resurrection. All his works are masterpieces and even till date they are admired by the book lovers in one way or the other.

‘War and peace’ is the famous Russian novel and there are many more. After many years, his thoughts became radical and this made his life more terrible. Children of this generation also love his short stories. His bibliography includes all the fabulous nonfiction and as well the fiction work. Spare some time to read his literature works, plays and you get to experience his unique style of approach to the plot and writing on the whole. There are even books on education as per his beliefs. His wife is Sophia and they have 13 children. He spent his life in yasnaya polyana. Read his quotes and lead a better life.