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Josh James is an entrepreneur from America who has founded the software-as-a-service company, DOMO. He detected a few fundamental problems in the market of business intelligence and launched his company in 2010 as a means to address these issues. The company was started as Shacho which means CEO in Japanese and after two months, bought out the Lindon, Utah based company Corda. It was in 2011 that Shacho was rebranded as DOMO which translates to thank you in Japanese.

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    Today, he is associated with the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. He is also a board member of a five billion dollar company called Rakuten. Founder of the Silicon Slopes a swell, Josh James went to the Brigham Young University but did not complete his graduation. A man of means who has achieved great heights, Josh James quotes are an inspiration to many a young aspiring entrepreneur.


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