Christopher Columbus Quotes

Christopher Columbus Quotes

Christopher Columbus was an Italian globe-trotter who helped the Spanish king to spread his kingdom in far off places like IndiaChina Etc. He was believed to have born in the year 1451 and lived till 1506. He was a Spanish voyager who successfully completed voyages four times under the prophetic token of Monarchs of Spain.


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"You Can Never Cross The Ocean Unless You Have The Courage To Loss Sight Of The Shore"

He established the famous silk route to find a way to India. He was instrumental in establishing relationships with Indians and Chinese for Spanish trade in Silk and spices. He was one of the Europeans who tried to colonize different parts of the world. His name is remembered in the world history for discovering New Island in America and the Indian Subcontinent.

Many of his quotes are related to the discovery and his own experience related to the exploration of new lands and interacting with new people he found on those lands. He says that nobody can discover new lands unless he has the guts to leave his own land. His Voyages lead to the exploration of new lands which he used for spreading Christianity. He also says that the Saviour called Jesus will save all those who do the services to carry out the intentions of the Lord. Fear not, as he is there to protect us. His divine grace is enough for keeping us happy.

He also said that Gold has the capacity to do everything one wishes to do. It helps his kith and kins to reach heaven. He admits the truth that he proceeds to discover many places in the quest of wealth and not in the quest for peace.