Famous People From India

Sparing a note for the first timers, India is a land of diverse culture. There are some qualities of Indians that have created a lasting impression in the minds of the people. Every Indian is a judgmental and a blamer which may seem contradictory to a lot among us. When you talk to an Indian for a couple of minutes, you will be surprised with the fact that he already has judged you. Now coming to the blamer quality, it is something that the Indians cannot get rid off. The last thing which we can do is to accept their fault without blaming others. Say for example all road accidents, be it big or small occurs due to the fault of others.

There are many renowned literature scholars, diplomats and sports personalities who have contributed in various fields. Rabindranath Tagore who won Nobel Prize for literature for his work of ‘Gitanjali’ belongs to this country. In politics Mahatma Gandhi shown the world a way to get freedom with his principles of Non-violence and truth.

Sachin Tendulkar is considered as the god of Indian cricket and has 100 international centuries to his credit which is a rare achievement. He holds a number of records in the world of cricket also belong to this beautiful country.

Indians are spice loving people, and their diet is a testimony to that fact. The north Indians consume alarming levels of spice and are still healthy. Variety is the way of life, and this is shown by the list of spices found in this part of the world. Travelling to different parts of the country will throw more weight on this thought. If there is one thing which the Indians are afraid of is their belief in God. The religious sentiments are at all-time high coupled with the fact that there is a truckload of superstitious coupled with it. Last but not the least, the Indians are adjustable people. Since a majority of them are salaried, they are willing to do anything which their boss wants them to do.