Joan Baez Quotes

Joan Baez Quotes

Joan Baez’s quotes have over the years been a source of encouragement and motivation to millions of her fans around the world. She is an American folk singer who has transcended her music career to promote various causes, including the civil rights movement in the 1960s, human rights, LGBT rights, the environment, and opposing the death penalty. Amnesty International honoured Joan Baez for her activism in 2011, and thereafter the award was named after her as the Joan Baez Award.


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Baez began her activism from a young age after facing discrimination due to her Mexican heritage. As with many people, her activism was therefore inspired from personal experience. Joan Baez went on the make a difference in the lives of millions of others, using her music and fame as ways of highlighting social problems and calling for action.

Most of Joan Baez’s quotes are drawn from lyrics to her songs, and they often carry positive messages intended to inspire and encourage justice and non-discrimination. She believes in taking action, saying that this will prevent one from falling into despair. She has also been a fervent promoter of peace and non-violence, and believes that music has the power to drive people towards peaceful resolution of social conflicts.

Joan Baez continues to inspire many people with her activism even in her 70s, and she has shown that artistes can make music not just for its entertainment value, but also as an agent for social change and activism.