Famous People From China

The people’s Republic of China is known as one of the oldest countries of the world, and the civilization is a testimony to that. Many expatriates are drawn to China because of the unique culture and landscape. The country is organized into 22 provinces out of which 4 are municipalities, two special administrative regions and five are autonomous. It was until the 19thcentury; the country was under imperial rule and was considered as one of the most developing countries in the world.

But the demographics began to change due to the civil war in 1949 until the People’s Republic of China was formed. China has the world’s largest population. The country is so vast that it has close to 56 ethnic groups, and the Han nationality makes up around 91 % of the population.

The prominent personalities of this most populated country in the world are Chiang Kai-Shek, Confucius, and Jiang Zemin. The industrial revolution here also have produced people like Jack Ma, who is founder of a renowned E-commerce business and also a philanthropist. He is the founder of AliBaba, a leading E-commerce website and shown a new direction of business to the world.

Confucius donned several hats of a politician, leader and a teacher. All his principles had a basis in Chinese beliefs and tradition. He felt that the family was an ideal government.

The official language of the Chinese people is Mandarin, but other languages like Min and Hakka are spoken. Given the vast geographical region of the place, the dialect, and the language varies considerably. So far as religion is concerned the prime one in China is Buddhism, but other religions like Christianity and Islam are also followed. Given the size of the country, there is no uniform climate. Beijing is freezing and experiences the massive amount of snowfall during the winter months. Though the area experiences hot summers with temperatures soaring.

Residents who wish to keep a pet in China need to be aware of the fact that they need a valid residence permit to do. A valid certificate is necessary that is being issued by the health department.