C. S. Lewis Quotes

Clive Staples Lewis, more popularly known as C.S Lewis was a lecturer, literary critic, novelist, essayist, lay theologian, Christian apologist and a poet. Famously known for his fictional work, particularly The Space Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Screwtape Letters, C.S Lewis was a brilliant and ingenious writer and scholar. Lewis strongly believed that age should be no barrier if one is looking to set a new goal or dream. He also believed that hardships were the stepping-stones to success and that happiness came from within and was not something that was dependent on others or even on materialistic things.

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    "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

    Through C.S Lewis quotes, he always encouraged his readers to good for others and to be kind human beings. Lewis urged people to use free will in a constructive manner and not abuse it for he believed that it was the abuse of free will that brought about evil in the world.


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