Soichiro Honda Quotes

Born to a poor family of a blacksmith in rural Japan, Soichiro Honda did so well with his life that every youth swears by his achievements. Despite his family background and the Japanese government opposition, he went on to establish the world’s largest automobile giant, Honda. Far from formal education and automobile training, Soichiro had an innate interest in automobiles and became a master mechanic by working as a repairperson.

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    With the love for his work, Soichiro proved that no hurdle could be big enough to stopa man from achieving what he truly wants.Later, in the year 1937, he also established Tokai Seiki producing piston rings for Toyota. Unfortunately, during the World War 2, Honda’s Yamashita plant was in pieces while the other one in Ogawa was in ruins due to an earthquake. Despite such difficulties, Honda sold salvageable remains of Toyota, and found Honda Technical Research Institute, and started producing motorcycles that soon overtook the world outselling huge names like Harley Davidson and Triumph.

    Here are a few rousing quotes from Soichiro Honda.


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