Candy Crush SagaSuccessStory

Candy Crush Saga SuccessStory

Candy Crush Saga

The entire world now is busy matching and crushing candies on their smartphones. The process of enjoying, absorbing and relishing this wildly famous game is as sweet as chewing on the real candies. Candy Crush Saga, the first of its kind high resolution match three puzzle video game had literally taken over the gaming industry by storm. Ever since King released the game in collaboration with Facebook, Candy Crush received tremendous response from the smart phone users across the continents. The game is extremely engaging, delightful and a definitive stress buster.

The new age liaison of the gaming companies with the roaring social media platform called Facebook has seen the whole new dawn in the world of smartphone users. People are now more glued playing qualitative puzzle games on their phones. King had made the right move at the right time, introducing Candy Crush just at the advent of the brave new virtual world. Candy Crush Saga can be installed on all the operating systems, which include the main players like Android, iOS and Windows. King first released the game on Android and iOS in 2012, with the Windows Phone following the lead in 2014.

The game beat an extremely popular FarmVille 2, claiming the new title of the Most Popular Game on Facebook. Seeing an average of 40 million users every single month, Candy Crush continues to grow its base of loyal players. King launched the new line of Dreamworld Expansion to the game in 2013.

Is a direct emulation of the classic Bejeweled game, it had built its very own uniqueness, with more features added to matching colourful candies of Candy Crush Saga The current edition of the game on Facebook has above 800 levels with 600 Dreamworld levels. The team continues to add new levels after every two weeks, making things only more interesting.Though same colour. Some of the exciting features like colour bomb, striped candies, wheels, fish and bomb coolers make the users come back for more. The challenge to cross the levels that are called as sweet episodes with newer things added at each passing one makes the game super addictive.


The game is not just about the candies. The levels take the user to a whole new story with a fairy land filled with chocolate, cream and bubblegum. Chocolate has to be cleared every move else it will start multiplying. Things like liquorice swirls won’t go easily with candies and need extras like colour bombs and candy stripes. Features like cake bombs and toffee tornado add up more enjoyment to the game.

The conceptualization of Candy Crush Saga is very innovative and real. Aspects like asking friends for a ticket to get to the next level and keeping track of the progress made by the Facebook friends in the game creates continued interest. The Saga went ballistic, seeing close to 10 million downloads on the smartphones in the very year of its release. Business Insider names Candy Crush to be The Most Downloaded App on iOS in 2013.The rage goes on, with a new creative revolution taking over. King also launched other games such as Farm Heroes Saga, Soda Crush and Pepper Panic Saga. These games also are on the brink of a new rise with popularity and engagement. There is more to come, especially after what was introduced to the mankind called as Candy in the game.

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