Angry BirdsSuccessStory

Angry Birds SuccessStory

Angry Birds

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. As per the study, people spend around 16 years of their lifetime playing online games on a desktop or on their mobiles. Angry Birds is one such popular game in the world now which people got hooked on to lately. The game went to the Mac App store and received tremendous success in the first week itself, selling around 150,000 copies. 

Angry Birds is considered to be the most successful mobile game available in the market in the recent years of gaming. The official YouTube video of the game fetches millions of views to this day. It is the first game of its type that is purely based on physical movements & trajectory. It has been found to be very addictive by its users.

The game was first released in the year 2009 for iOS users by Rovio Entertainment, the same year when the company was about to go bankrupt. Initially the game was not much of a success for the Rovio group. They have to create perfect titles for the users in the game. Before they made the titles, another company, Hed created and developed 51 titles. So to get into the competition, Rovio Entertainment had to create 10 to 15 titles on their own as their intellectual property.

The next version of the game, Angry Birds Seasons was released in 2010. In this version, there were many levels and the user has to complete all of them. The next version of the game was Angry Birds Rio and was released in the year 2011. And from 2014, different sequels of this game have been created till now.Rovio Entertainment then came up with the next version of the game, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars that were released in the year 2012. Later on, many new versions were developed by the Rovio group.

After all the releases of the game, the game founder started to find different ways to expand the Angry Bird brand. In order to achieve this, the group created films based on Angry Birds and then created television shows as well. Angry Birds merchandise is extremely popular with people of all ages across the world. Mugs, T-shirts and other accessories are now available with the characters of the game on them. In the year 2011, Rovio also published a cook book called Bad Piggies: Egg Piggies.The game was actually inspired by the sketch of the stylish birds without legs. The game’s first release was for Apple iOS. After successful completion, the game went to other operating systems, including Android, Symbian, etc.

This addictive game reached heights ever since its launch on the Apple. Angry Birds is known for its fascinating graohics, user interface and captivating levels. The growing popularity made the game to be the highest downloaded game of all time in the history of mobile and desktop games. It also became the world’s highest used app so far. Rovio’s never give up attitude led to the transformation of business from rags to riches, setting a true inspiration to many players in the gaming industry.