Boom BeachSuccessStory

Boom Beach SuccessStory

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is another superfine game developed by the developers of the Supercell. After the inception of Clash of Clans, demand for such types of games saw a great increase in the demand all over the world. Boom Beach is quite similar to the Clash of Clans with some major improvements to provide users another level of gaming experience.Users can build defences to protect their resources similar to the Clash of Clans and can also train the troops for the war.

Boom beach has a more rich and satisfying experience than any other game of the same genre. Supercell managed to develop a compelling design for the game to attract more gamers. The game is a spiritual successor of its parent game, Clash of Clans.

Offering a similar experience in a different setting with just enough tweaks to make it unique, Boom Beach isn’t going to offer a radically different experience, but that might not be a bad thing in terms of approachability. If you have played Clash of Clans earlier then the look of the game may look similar. But a whole new experience lies with the gaming experience which is far different.Boom Beach is available on both the major platforms, iOS and Android. With more than 20 million downloads all over the world, the game is already a massive favourite.

Improving gaming experience may sound simple to the users, but it indulges a great deal of hard work of the developers at Supercell who work round the clock enhancing game’s qualities.Beach boom is far simpler to play than Clash of Clans. With its inception on the social networking sites, game has got a boost in numbers of players playing all over the world, especially on Facebook.

The game is not just about wars and fight; it encompasses another level of fun. Its real fun while training your military for war, planning cities, protecting your resources and all; Boom Beach is a fun packed game design to bust your stress and to leverage you with quality time.  

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