Game Of War: Fire AgeSuccessStory

Game Of War: Fire Age SuccessStory

Game Of War: Fire Age

In the terms of the admirable games, Machine Zone brings people from all over the world together by creating out of the box games. Game of war- Fire Age is an example of one such out of box thinking. The game has succeeded massively soon after its release on various platform like iOS and Android in the year 2013. has been developed on the framework which is very similar to multi player mobile strategic games. Many other developers have developed same kind of the Game of War gamesbut Game of war fire age flaunts its own class.

The script of the game stands close to many other games of the same but the popularity is at peaks due its graphic and the smooth flow. Games like Kingdoms of Camelot and The Hobbit too have the same plot but the graphics of these games are not in the same class as the Game of War.Machine zone has revolutionised the world of online gaming by introducing Game of War- Fire Age on the online platform. Despite the language and boundary barriers, gamers from distinct parts of the world can play this game online.


In the beginning, the whole idea sounded impossible. Thanks to the well trained fully dedicated caboodle of developers who made this thing happen. The game now has more than 30 millions downloads on various platforms like iOS and Android. And with every passing day the number of downloads are increasing ballistically.


Game of wars- fire age was the top grossing game app in the Apple’s app store in the year 2014 and its revenue was reported to be around $600 million in the same year. Later in 2015, the game was included in the top 10 list of free downloaded games on Apple app store and Google play.

Kate Upton was also roped in the promotion. The game algorithm uses Google translator to translate distinct languages while in the chat of the game. Such is the use of the technology.Clash of Clans but because of the aggressive The game has been compared with the advertisement,it has left the Clash of Clans far behind in the race.Around $40 million was spend in the extensive and aggressive advertisement of the game. American actress and model,