Alpha Moda LabSuccessStory

Alpha Moda Lab SuccessStory

Alpha Moda Lab

We live in a world of vanity. It is the need of the hour to be presentable to sell your idea. We are no more caught in the trap of body types or skin tones but overall personality.  Enhancing the personality is a comparatively difficult task for women than me. Each day you come across an article on diets, hair solution and skin enhancement products. But how would you cope with this situation when you juggle between your work, relationship, family, food and travel related day to day issues. With the rise of digitization, this problem can now be solved right on your mobile.

Introducing, Alpha Moda Labs, a mobile app that examines your skin tone and provides a customized kit of products which are delivered within 24 hours, within minutes. Ya right, you might say, as there are zillions of apps on Play-store or iTunes. The answer is, unlike other apps, that gimmick the green scanner light running through your screen when the camera is switched on, this app with its hi-tech coding, actually analyses the details of your skin-tone.With the smartphone camera

Here it analyses skin tone, patchy skin, dark spots, unevenness and dryness on your face. Basis which the app surfs through all the facial products on the website, especially foundations. Once the products are shortlisted by the app, it allows you to take a look at the custom kit consisting of a set of skin products like Foundation, Soufflé, and Concealer etc. On choosing your favourite product, you can then move to the billing desk. Post payment, lab ensures that the product reaches your doorstep within 24 hours. This delivery claim can prove to be a boon in times of last minute shopping for that cocktail or wedding, which is not alien to any woman on the planet.

With the help of science, Alpha Moda Labs has changed the way dustry used to function. With the minimum use of available resources like a smartphone camera, it has helped thousands of women in USA to discover their true skin-tone and solve their day to day issues related to using and carrying multiple products to fulfil a simple requirement for a healthy looking skin. Women have given testimonials narrating how unaware they were about their actual colour and how they spent thousands on getting that one right foundation.

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 The best part they say is when you have an event planned and your mind is juggling between the clothes, shoes and make up, this checks of at least one thing on the list. The foundations are easy on the skin and leave a natural glow. This will leave your appreciators guessing on the secret behind that wonderful natural looking skin.

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Alpha Moda Lab
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02 - Jan -
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Alpha Moda Labs Inc
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