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Cut the Rope is a puzzle video game which is available for several platforms and devices including iOS, android, blackberry, Chrome, Firefox, etc. After the success of ‘Cut the Rope’, advanced and update versions of the game were released from time to time. The original version was released in October 2010. The game is simple but extremely engaging. A tiny green colored creature called Om Nom needs to be fed, and stars need to be collected. This is the main objective of the game.


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Cut The Rope is puzzle video game based on physics. Anyone who plays this game gets hooked to it for a long time. It is the perfect tool to keep boredom aside. The game-play is simple and smooth. As it is not very difficult to learn to play it, ‘Cut the Rope’ can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The rankings and high scores promote healthy competition among friends.


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Cut the Rope was developed by the Russian entertainment company ZeptoLab. It initially released on 4th October 2010. It was first released for the iOS platform. The much awaited android version came in June 2011. Gradually it was introduced in several platforms like Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Blackberry. Timely updates and newer versions of the game have been released. The popularity of ‘Cut the Rope’ resulted in its introduction as a browser game for many browsers, too!

Success Story

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As per the latest figures of May 2015, ‘Cut the Rope’ games have been downloaded more than a gigantic 600 million times! It had been purchased one million times within 9 days of its initial release. This made ‘Cut the Rope’ the fastest selling iOS game ever. This game has been rated highly by every prominent gaming review organization. It received the Game Developers Choice Award in 2010. ‘Cut the Rope’ also won other awards such as Webby Awards Peoples’ Choice (2013), Pocket Game Readers’ Choice Award(2012), British Academy Video Games Awards(2011) and Apple Design Award(2011). It is one of the most commercially and critically successful games of all time. The game and the character are popular for comic books and merchandising. A movie titled ‘Om Nom: the film’ is also being made on this game, tentatively to be released in 2016.

Rival Products

Some developers have tried to introduce games based on a similar theme unsuccessfully. The immense popularity that ‘Cut the Rope’ has gained makes this game one of its kind.

About the Inventor(s)

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Zeptolab is a global gaming company and the developer of all the versions of ‘Cut the Rope’. After the success of ‘Cut the Rope’ they introduced toys, comics, apparel and other merchandise. The people at Zeptolab are dedicated to developing unique, fresh and fun games. Zeptolab has won 21 awards till date including Best Game App. It was also included in the list of Top 30 Russian IT companies by Forbes Russia in 2013.


‘Cut the Rope’ is challenging and very entertaining. The controls are simple and intuitive. In spite of the simple rules, as you progress in the game the level of difficulty increases. Every level is different and provides a fresh gaming experience. The recent versions of the game have lots of new elements which add a lot of appeal to the already wonderful game. Beware, this game will prove to be highly addictive!

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