Carrie Fisher Story

Carrie Fisher Story

Carrie Frances Fisher

2016 was a sad year for the number of deaths it witnessed from the movie industry. One such name which people loved is Carrie Fisher, who breathed her last on 27th December 2016. She was a successful American actress, screenwriter, humorist, author, and producer.


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Carrie Fisher had a rich profile as an actor. Her most popular role was of Princess Leila in the Star Wars’ series. There were other roles in Shampoo, the Burbs’, among others. She also authored semi-autobiographical novels in Postcards from the Edge, and did the screenplay for the film with the same title. She had also developed a repertoire for public speaking on mental health and drug addiction.


carrie fisher childhood

Born in Beverly Hills, California, to actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, she was born on October 21, 1956. Her paternal grandparents were of Russian-Jewish lineage, while she has Scott-Irish ancestry from her mother’s side. Her parents’ divorced when she was two. Her father married her mother’s friend and actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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Her mother married Harry Karl a year later. She was a bookworm and learned classical literature and poetry. She studied at Beverly Hills High School until she was 15. She never completed her high school due to her career, and London’s Central School of Speech and Drama was where she spent 18 months in a course. She was accepted in college but never completed it due to Star Wars.


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Her film debut came in the form of Shampoo in 1975. In 1977, the first of Star Wars series with her as Princess Leila got off. In 1978, she had a TV show, Ringo. Another TV film came within the next month titled Leave Yesterday Behind. She also sang in the last scene of Star Wars Holiday Special in 1979. She is listed as "Mystery Woman" in credits for her role as a vengeful lover in the 1980s film The Blues Brother. 'Censored Scenes from King Kong' was when she appeared on Broadway in 1980.

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Agnes of God came in 1982. Meanwhile, she continued to star in many of the Star Wars films and shorts. Her first novel – Postcards from the Edge got published in 1987. A film with the same title was released in 1990 and its screenplay was done by Fisher herself. The Time Guardian was her Australian film in 1987. In 'The Burbs', she appeared with Tom Hanks. Surrender the Pink (1990) and Delusions of Grandma (1993) were two more published novels written by her. Her career continued till she breathed her last.

Personal Life

carrie fisher and paul simon relationship

Carrie Fisher dated Paul Simon for six years from between 1977 and 1983. She had a brief engagement with Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd. She married Simon in 1983, and they remained married for a year. They also dated later, and Simon’s song Hearts and Bones is about their relationship. She had a relationship with Bryan Lourd. They have a baby together – Billie Catherine Lourd.

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Although she often called him her second husband in public, they never married legally. She also had a close relationship with James Blunt. She had issues with bipolar disorder. She also had cocaine and prescription medication addiction – of which, she was a public speaker in her later years. She succumbed to cardiac arrest on 27th December 2016 in a flight from London to LA.

Net Worth

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At the time of her death, the estimated net worth of Carrie Fisher was $5 million.


President’s Award – 1990 - Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA.


Harvard College Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award
Women of Vision Award
Los Angeles Pen Award