Luxurious Offices

Luxurious Offices

Luxurious Offices

Luxury and work aren’t often two words we tend to see in the same sentence. However, for some people going to work every day gives them a little slice of heaven. Sun-splashed atriums, sprawling outdoor verandas, and cozy, color-saturated nooks are some of the hallmarks of the most remarkable offices in the world.

With high-concept interiors, installations and architectural design, some of the luxurious offices around the world are praise worthy. Infact it gives a feel good factor to all employees of these offices & this in turn brings out the best from an employee.

Let’s now take a look at some of the luxurious offices around the world.

1. Beats Electronics, Culver City - California

luxurious offices

Designed by Bestor Architecture, this office is spread across a sprawling across 105,000 square feet. Bestor aimed to leave behind the "fun and games" of Southern California corporate architecture of recent decades. The bright splashes of blue, turquoise, and red shown here nod to the company's saturated-color branding, and do so with a cosmopolitan air.

2. Google, Tel Aviv - Israel


Designed by Camenzind Evolution, this newly opened local headquarters spanning seven floors of a Tel Aviv high-rise takes the cake for meshing high-concept design with relevant, useful space. Common space in the forms of communications rooms, cafes, conference rooms, and other spaces for communal work-make up about 50 percent of the office's floor plan.

3. Coca Cola, London


Covering more than 66,000 square feet, which includes open-plan offices, flexible "hot" desks, a cafe, a terrace, and meeting rooms, the office is set in a retrofitted 1920s building. Designed by MoreySmith, the lobby has a 21-foot-high comet-shaped installation featuring more than 80,000 acrylic "ice chunks," suspended on ultra-fine wires and illuminated by LEDs.

4. Mojang, Stockholm


Designed by BSK Arkitekter, the décor is masculine and exclusive, yet comfortable and cozy. The office is a potpourri of classic Victorian, men's club influences-unexpected, humorous and with a touch of the twisted.

5. Nasty Gal, Los Angeles


6. Superheroes, Amsterdam


7. Wieden+Kennedy, New York City


8. WeWork, Washington DC


9. Red Bull’s UK Headquarters

red bulls uk headquarters

10. Facebook, California


These Luxurious office spaces are not only an architectural marvel but are also an inspiration to draw the best out of your employee. Being a part of these offices is also a matter of pride & prestige among the entire workforce.