10 Cool Tech Gadgets from CES 2017

10 Cool Tech Gadgets from CES 2017

10 Cool Tech Gadgets from CES 2017

A lot is going on at CES already. So it might be quite hard to figure out the best tech devices this year on your own. And although the sifting process may not be as easy as expected, there is definitely a cool list of the best and fascinating products of tech for 2017. Here is a summary of the top ten.

10. Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controllers

lenovo 500 multimedia controller

Lenovo has started the year with a good kick. Until now, they sold their mouse combo and keyboard separately. They've however improved the technology into a single multimedia controller that does both tasks. It is not the usual size of a standard keyboard as you'd expect, but it does the job right.

9. Polaroid Pop

polaroid pop

Those who don’t fancy Polaroid technology, think that it is already dead. But they are always making a comeback and adding the beat taste to the digital age. Its new device is known as the Polaroid Pop, and it has impressive specifications, including 3.97-inch LCD and touch screen for navigation.

8. The Motiv Fitness Ring

motiv fitness ring

Forget about everything that you have read about other smart rings before January 2017, because the Motiv Fitness Ring is by far the best one available today. A ring is non-intrusive, right? And it is dedicated purely to fitness tracking. This device can track your steps, heart rate, calories, distance, steps, and so much more.

7. Seven Hugs Smart Remote

seven hugs smart remote

Don't struggle to find solutions to universal remote. Seven Hugs Smart Remote is already the best solution worth the bucks. The SHSR is a smart home device that enables you to take full control of your home, AKA everything you are pointing at, as long as the device can help to manage it.

6. Fove Eye Tracking VR Headset

fove eye tracking vr headset

Fove Eye Tracking VR Headset is a unique device that delivers exactly what it has promised. It does two things. Track your eye movement to prevent motion sickness, and it gives you a unique experience of the real world.

5. Nvidia Shield TV

nvidia shield tv

Do you really remember when you last bought a second generation set top box? Maybe yes, maybe no. But the Nvidia has something that everyone would like to have, the Shield TV. And what makes it unique is that the device is much smaller than its predecessor. Even more, it comes with a unique game controller.

4. Misfit Vapor

misfit vapor

As if Misfit Shine wasn't nearly a pro device in fitness tracking, Misfit has discovered another wearable and launched the product on the market, the Misfit Vapor. It does not just come with a unique interface but also promises a long-lasting battery life. Of course, a maximum of two-day battery length is not that bad for a fitness device. 

3. HTC Vive Tracker

htc vive tracker

HTC has of course been on the front line in the production of high-quality VR products, but they are pushing hard even more this year by creating products that deliver the best experience overall. The Vive Tracker is the new thing from HTC, and it can turn virtually anything into a virtual item.

2. Xiaomi Mi Mix

xiaomi mi mix

You won't look at Xiaomi Mi Mix twice to conclude that it is the best tech Smartphone of 2017. It may not be a boom in the United States of America too soon, but its sleek design definitely makes it worth the mention. Even more, it is one of the top products at CES.

1. Dell Ultrasharp 8K Display

dell ultrasharp 8k display

This is not your usual cheaply designed monitor. The Dell Ultrasharp 8K Display is a perfect masterpiece that Dell seems to have been working on for ages now. And it is by far the best gadget of CES this year.