Top 10 Upcoming Cars in 2017 that are Must to Consider

Top 10 Upcoming Cars in 2017 that are Must to Consider

Top 10 Upcoming Cars in 2017 that are Must to Consider

You may be wondering whether to purchase a new car now or wait for the upcoming model. Car aficionados love to keep track of what is going on in the car manufacturing industry. Here you find the list of top 10 upcoming cars in 2017 that you should consider due to their unique and striking features.

1. The Latest Acura NSX

acura nsx 2017

Introduced as a concept vehicle in the year 2012, Acura NSX has finally been given the release date. Featuring the turbocharged V-6 and electric motor, the engine offers a lot of power to the vehicle. Each of the front wheels here has its individual electric motor for much more AWD capacity. The price begins from $150,000.

2. The Mid-Engine Supercar Porsche 960 with 600-plus HP

porsche 960 2017

Porsche is the mid-engine supercar which is positioned between 911 Turbo mega car and 912 hybrid hypercar. The GT3 and 911 Turbo are extremely capable. One must not be scared of the price range $850,000.

3. The All New Apple Car

apple self driving car

The self-driving Apple Car has taken the entire auto industry by a storm. It is the latest car by Silicon Valley Tech giant who has been poaching the well-reputed auto executives working on this secret car project. The company is supposed to pull something revolutionary this time.

4. The BMW M2 for Car Enthusiasts

bmw m2 2017

Taking inspiration from E30-Generation M3 from the 1980s or 1990s, the BMW or Bimmerphiles brand has come up with M3 which features much larger and weightier car. The 2017 series, M2, will be based on the latest 2-series coupe. It will mimic the ethos introduced by E30.

5. The Japanese Sportscar Toyota Supra

toyota supra 2017

If you ask any Japanese fan of sports cars, he will say MkIV terrorized the roads in the 1990s. So, the next generation MkIV is confirmed now, and Toyota works currently with BMW to build the car platform featuring turbo inline six engine. This is an affordable Japanese sports car.

6. The Third Electric Car by Tesla Model

tesla x suv 2017

So, Tesla is up there to introduce its third electric car which is Model X SUV. Much before its launch in the market, it is seeing thousands of buyers. The Model 3, which is a lavish SUV sedan is going to make its entry in 2017. Featuring Tesla advanced technology; the driving range is supposed to be 200 miles.

7. Luxury Sedan, Lincoln Continental

lincoln continental 2017

Ford’s Luxury brand will come up with its full-size flagship car having model Bentley design, AWD production Sedan, carrying all the luxury features. Lincoln Continental is the much-awaited luxury Sedan.

8. The Fully Autonomous Volvo XC90

volvo xc90 2017

This is again a fully autonomous and self-driving car which is concretized by Volvo. It will be based on XC90 SUV, which is released recently and an active safety tech showpiece is already available.

9. The Lavish Ford GT

2017 ford gt

The all-new Ford GT 2017 is supposed to cost $350,000 which is four times more than Chevrolet Corvette Z/06. Ford GT will be powered by twin-turbocharged Eco Boost engine having 600 horsepower or even more. The design is more modern when compared to retro-inspired GT.

10. Toyota Prius: The Fuel Efficient Car

toyota prius 2017

This car is the best choice and preference for Hollywood glitterati where fuel economy can reach up to 60 city mpg. The next gen car model possesses a plug-in hybrid with a much extended electric range.

The above ten car models are a must watch out for in the year 2017.