10 Best Hoverboards

10 Best Hoverboards

10 Best Hoverboards

Hoverboards are the kind of personal transportation devices that are perfect for riding from one place to another. So, if you are moving to your home or park, you can use hoverboard. For the upcoming holiday, hoverboards are the go-to equipments. If you want a perfect device, you need to check out the latest equipments from different models and brands.

Hover board is self-balancing and may be used as an alternative to walking, driving or biking. It is better to choose a board featuring rubber footboard with larger widths. So, you can ride safely without any trouble.

1. PowerOnBoard Powerboard 15005

poweronboard powerboard 15005

This is the original hoverboard. Carrying a classic rounded guard for wheels, it has the metallic plates upon the wheels. It can catch the speed of 6.2 miles an hour. The hoverboard features 4400mAh battery which runs for 3 hours.

2. ANVL Skatecycle hoverboard

anvl skatecycle hoverboard

It is much different from other kinds of hoverboards as there is no motor to power up the wheels. The different kind of system makes it a safe option. The futuristic design features two wheels to go through the guard. It is safer and the speed is determined by the condition of the user who has to press the foot pads.

3. Airwheel Q3 Series

airwheel q3 series

Airwheel offers its own original parts for hoverboards. The hoverboard appears to be self-balancing and one wheel scooter. The presence of one-wheel and the two foot pads drives the vehicle forward. The hardware is good and the device is certified.

4. The Powerboard Overboard

the powerboard overboard

The much better model of hoverboard from Powerboard has got the UL2272 certification. The front face of the device also features rounded LED lights and for performance it has two electric motors. Important features include 6miles per hour speed, self-balancing and easy-to-use mechanism and a complete battery protection.

5. Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboard

hoverzon s self balancing hoverboard

The S model hoverboard is the classic model of hoverboard from Hoverson which has reliable hardware and is improved cosmetically. It is more stable and can pick up the speed of 8 miles per hours. Other features include front facing LED lights, better battery protection, easy-to-use and ride.

6. Swagtron T1: The Finest Models

swagtron t1

The T1 hoverboard from Swagtron sells pretty well and is high on demand. Since the model is UL2272 certified, it is safe and carries no design flaws. The battery is long lasting and the device can give you the speed of 8 MPH. Its key features include self-balancing LED, 4400 mAh of battery backup.

7. Swagtron T3

swagtron t3

The T3 by Swagtron carries better wheels with fine metal guards. The plastic cover protects the wheels for those lateral collisions. The speed is again 8 MPH.

8. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

razor hovertrax 2

The looks of this model are improved with wheels carrying wider metal guards. Its key features include UL2272 certified, self-balancing mechanism, 1 year warranty, front facing LED lights.

9. Segway MiniPRO: The Best in The Class

segway minipro

The self-transportation toy is pretty expensive, but it is a better built scooter. It can give the speed of 10MPH which is great. Each wheel here has individual motor, running independently. You can move over various kinds of terrains since it has larger wheels. It is safer than other models.

10. EPIKGO Hoverboard

epikgo hoverboard

It is fun and entertaining to use EPIKGO Hoverboard owing to its advanced features. The model is again UL2272 certified and there is the use of 8 inch wheels instead of 6.5 inch. The 400 watt dual motor may reach the speed of 10MPH.

You can choose any of the above mentioned hoverboards for self-transportation. A overboard offering better battery backup needs to be chosen.

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